WEBgems designs your website in WordPress. Clear and with your personality.


WEBgems makes nearly all websites in WordPress, a commonly used technique for building websites. WordPress is easy to use, scores well with search engines and is – as a result of the regular updates – safe and also future-proof. Moreover, WordPress websites are responsive, so your site is optimized for desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Form and Content

The websites designed by WEBgems are particularly user-friendly due to their simplicity, clear navigation menus and good legibility. Branding is also of great importance, so the characteristic appearance of your company or organization is always the basis for the look and feel of your site.


Designing your website starts with determining the purpose of your site, your target audience and your corporate identity. We discuss your wishes, give structure suggestions and advise on (re) writing texts. We will then create a concept site to which you can respond, develop it further and set the site live only when you are satisfied.


Basic sites start from € 499.-
Premium sites start from € 799.-

Other Services


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