About Us

WEBgems is a web design studio in Hoorn that designs “clear websites with your personality!” and – if so desired – maintains them.


Attention, involvement and a sharp eye for detail are central to the way of working at WEBgems. We know the ‘usability best practices’, put a lot of energy into omitting elements that are not essential and are focussed on clear navigation menus. As a result we deliver high-quality sites.


WEBgems was founded in 2004 by Ruud Harberts. He graduated in Communication Science and Information Technology at the University of Amsterdam and then worked for years as a usability expert at KLM. There he came to know the ‘best practices’ for website design, as well as translating the needs of users into an effective design. His activities for WEBgems provided him with a lot of knowledge and valuable experience with regard to the design of websites for small and medium-sized businesses.


His extensive travels around the world and his creative activities with glass have also influenced and enriched his work. It has made it clear to him that there is great power in clear simplicity. A simplicity that also underlies his work as a web designer.

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WEBgems – clear websites with your personality!